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Petals Womb Space & Cacao Ceremony with Lah Hallah Gogo Maria

28 September | 10:00 - 21:00

We are happy to have Lah Hallah Gogo Maria back in Munich with two deep journeys at the 27th and 28th of September:

We welcome you to enter into the soft and inviting folds of the Red Tent, a space sacred to the feminine. For a long time this has been a space for only Women, last year Ancestors instructed me to allow Men to enter too – because there is healing to be found within Womb Space that is needed by all. So we welcome all man and woman!

– Arrive and settle
– Opening of Ceremony Space
– Serve Cacao
– Steaming, sharing, steaming, sharing…
– Serving of more Cacao when the time opens, eating as the flow flows, sharing touch with massage and movement, flowing with the energy of the group following the way of the feminine.
– Closing space

Here in on this day Lah Hallah Gogo Maria will be serving Ceremonial Cacao to the Circle and setting up an intimate environment for steaming of the yoni/perineum. This is an ancient practice that acts to bring healing to ancestral, and current lifetime traumas related to sexuality opening up once again a conversation between the upper and the lower chakras, grounding the feeling state inside creativity. As each person takes their seat in the steam the group holds space with voice and sound, and she works within the field and do cleaning and attuning in support of a deeper shift with healing sound and voice. While in the Steam you will feel safe and held, it is a place where emotions move and the Womb/Hara speaks with the Heart leaving one feeling inspired and empowered. To hold space is an equally powerful experience.
The way in which we steam is discreet with no need for nudity. Throughout the day we will share and go deeper, moving old stuff and relaxing into new parts of ourselves as a group with the assistance of Cacao and her Heart Opening attunement.

Where: Spirit Tribe Yoga Studio, Munich
When: Saturday, 28th September
Time: 10 – 21
Cost: 95 €
Please register with Dietmar:, +49 173 8617959
Spaces limited to 12 people, booking essential.

– A plate of finger food to share
– Wear a long wide skirt
– Water for hydration
– A nest: pillow & blankets for comfort
– Dress comfortably, warm socks, etc
– Any sacred object you’d like to put onto the altar during the Ceremony

– Drink plenty of Water on the day of the event
– Fast from Dairy and Caffeine on the day of Ceremony
– If you are on anti-depressants please speak to me before booking

About Lah Hallah Gogo Maria:
Vocal Alchemist – Cacao Kuchina – Sangoma – Mother
Lah Hallah has walked the winding path of one with a strong Calling as a Medicine Woman, a Rainbow Warrior following the song of the bluebird on her shoulder that sings within her Heart. Over the years each Calling she received and followed has brought with it a new name! Lah holds the initials of the full name her parents gave her. Hallah is the echoing mirror. Maria is the name of Ancestors that called out through the waters of her Sangoma Naming Ceremony. Medicine Muse reflects the many mysteries that come together in this living One…
Born and living in Cape Town working full time in her Makosini (House of Ancestors) local and international with clients.

Read more on her Website: if you feel so inclined.
Find here an interview with Lah Hallah Gogo Maria about her experiences as a „White Sangoma“ and medicine woman.


28 September
10:00 - 21:00


Spirit Tribe
Pfeuferstraße 38
München, 81373 Deutschland
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