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Ho’oponopono Ceremony & Soundhealing

19 Mai | 14:00 - 17:00

Ho’oponopono Ceremony & Soundhealing

Issa Blanco (Issa Blanco Holistic Healing) and Beate Jeska (Espavo Soundhealing) invite you to a beautiful ceremony.
Issa will guide you through the Ho’oponopono while Beate supports the processes with sacred sounds.

The beauty of this ancient Hawaiian Healing is the profound gift that allow us to have a relation with Divinity and the Divinity within, and that in each moment we can ask to cleanse our errors in deeds, thoughts or actions. It is a magnificent tool for healing.
Issa personally loves Ho’oponopono because it goes straight to your heart, that is the source of all, our light and our darkness. This healing is essentially about Freedom, complete freedom from the past.
In this ceremony you will be able to heal anger, resentment, betrayal and fear caused by misunderstandings between people around you -this liberation and healing can be achieve without the other affected party being present-.
Get a clear understanding and learn to heal the subconscious and prevent the same painful patterns repeating in your life. Using this technique has the most profound affects in self development and empowerment by cleansing the memories that no longer serve us.

You will be given a brief history of the origin of Ho’oponopono and how it was used as well as how the modernize version that have been adapted to fit our modern society.
Following this, we will do a powerful group Kahuna Healing where I will ask the participants to go outside and take 30 minutes to connect by doing the Mantra, the heart breathing and the prayer. In that time of connection the participants have to write down what they were guided to let go in this ceremony.
Upon returning to the circle we will go straight to the Ho’oponopono Healing and once we finish the healing we will go to the fire to work one by one the last part of the ceremony with Madame Pele, the Hawaiian Fire Goddess. After this I will do the last prayer and chanting and we will all close the circle.

Date: 19th May 2019 / 2-5 pm
Location: Spirit Tribe, Pfeuferst. 38, München
Energy exchange: 35-45 €

To sign on for this ceremony please send an email to or a message on

Beate Jeska
Communications in it’s diverse ways has always been in focus for Beate. Professionally in the field of advertising and later on, with coaching or sound healing.
Since many years, she has a growing interest for healing arts, as it’s a part of her own healing journey as well. She is trained in systemical coaching, energetic healing, shamanism and yoga.
Beate learned sound healing with „Association of Soundhealing“ and „Tone of Life“.
She founded Espavo Soundhealing and under this label she creates circles and ceremonies as co-creation with different healing artists: sound journeys, cacao ceremonies and other.
A few years ago she encountered the breath- and bodywork method BBTRS® (BioDynamic Breathwork & Trauma Release System). With this she found the „missing piece“ of the puzzle. She is a big fan of breath work as she experienced it as the most effective tool to get rid of restrictive patterns, in order to become happy and fully connected to yourself.

Issa Blanco
Issa Blanco is an internationally trained Holistic Therapist and Energy Coach that works with Reiki, Chakra Balancing, Aromatherapy, Mindful Coaching, Emotional Healing, Crystal Healing, Natural Remedies and Shamanic Healing.
She is internationally qualified as a Usui Reiki Master and Lightarian Reiki Master. She is also trained and initiated by a Hawaiian Kahuna, ‘Ha’ealaulani, as a Ho’oponopono Practitioner and have carried several initiations in Qu’ero Inca Shamanism. Issa Blanco is an accredited Mindfulness Coach and has completed several counselling training courses and has work as a counselor in Lifeline South Africa and Hospice Witts South Africa.
She works with a holistic approach, believing that all parts are intimately interconnected and wellness comes from within. She treats people as a whole, taking all emotional, physical and spiritual factors into account, and then blending therapies to bring healing on all levels.
Issa Blanco was introduced to alternative and complementary therapies early in life by her Mexican mother and grandmother. Her years living in Latin America in places such as Venezuela, México and Colombia allowed her to grown her knowledge and deepen her relationship with Mother Earth, or as she likes to call her, Pachamama or MaGaia, and all the medicine that she carries. All this work was later immensely rooted in her years living in Africa.
Exposure to holistic healing and natural treatments in such a varied times and places created in her the desire to help and support others as they embark their journey towards love, health and well-being.
“I’m humble and grateful for the opportunities that life gives me each day, allowing me to walk with others in their path of healing, self-love, self-discovery, self-growth and well-being.”


19 Mai
14:00 - 17:00


Spirit Tribe
Pfeuferstraße 38
München, 81373 Deutschland
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