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Cacao Darkness Ceremony: Giving Voice to the Ancient

10 Mai | 18:30 - 22:00

ESPAVO SOUNDHEALING blissfully presents:
A wonderful opportunity to send healing energy voice medicine and Cacao for the healing of the heart and ancestral line.
South African Sangoma & Cacao Kuchina Gogo Maria Magdalene – Lah Hallah will be visiting Munich for a week in early May 2019 to serve 2 group ceremonies, and offer individual readings and treatments.

Cacao Darkness Ceremony: Giving Voice to the Ancient

Ancestral healing through Sound and Voice, with ixCacao as sacred handmaiden.
Gogo Maria Magdalene invites you to journey together with her through deep darkness, through the place where silence and sound become one.
Through the soundscapes of our own voices, and the voices of Gogo Maria let us together walk the inner pathways long forgotten with compassion, love and forgiveness, to clear cobwebs and rubble, with gratitude as a guiding light.
Hand in hand with ixCacao let us call forth the roots to awaken the power of Peace from within them.

Ceremonial Cacao opens the heart and attunes the higher frequencies.

“This is an ancient, sacred path. Her heartbeat is our path. It is a path that leads within, one warmed by fire, flowing with sparkling clear waters, and singing with the Moon.
To follow the path listen for her voice within you, She who emerges from the deep dark silence – ancient in her wisdom, glowing with the youth of spring, endlessly abundant in her nurturing give-away… She lives within the song of the waters, and the starlight sparkling therein, wild and free as the Wind…”

Date: 10th May 2019 / 6:30 – 10 pm
Location: Spirit Tribe (Bergschmiede) Pfeuferstr. 28
Energy exchange: 50 €
For reservation of your spot it is necessary to pay in advance. Please contact Issa for booking and further information:
on Facebook via Issa Blanco Holistic Healing
or phone +49 151 44809994

Bring a water bottle & drink plenty of water before ceremony through the day.
Bring a ‘nest’ of blankets and pillow to be comfortable.
– Fast from caffeine and dairy for the day of ceremony.
– If on anti-depressants or suffering from any medical conditions please report and make inquiries before booking.


10 Mai
18:30 - 22:00


Spirit Tribe
Pfeuferstraße 38
München, 81373 Deutschland
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